Someone to Love!

Hers To Claim

By: Isabel Raven

Pages:  44

Heat Level: 4 FLAMES ( Erotic Steamy)


Reviewed By: Heather Hollister

This book is well written. I wish the story had more. I was left wanting more. I’m glad that Vicky didn’t marry the man that she didn’t love. I am glad that she found someone she can love.


Vicky Farley is marrying her womanizing boss so he’ll pay for her little sister’s operation, but all she can think about are dark and broody mechanic brothers, Daniel and Jonathan Denton. Her downstairs neighbors might feature heavily in her erotic dreams, but there’ll be no revving of her engine. To save her sister’s life Vicky is prepared to sacrifice her happiness. After an intruder breaks into her flat and Daniel and Jonathan come to her rescue, she has a choice to make: spend her last night as a single woman alone, or let the brothers show her exactly how handy they are with their tools. Passion might rule Vicky’s body, but what about her heart? In the light of day, can she go through with the wedding for her sister’s sake, even though it means losing Daniel and Jonathan forever.

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