Love is in the Air!

A Christmas Miracle for Veronica 

By: Vikki Vaught

Pages: 53

Heat Level: 1 Flame Sweet/Inspirational


Reviewed By: Heather Hollister

Wow this book is so full of love. This book is a great read. It is well written. Veronica is such an amazing woman to take on a child that isn’t her own. A child she has yearned to have. Jefferson is a great man for Veronica too. I absolutely love this book.



Two weeks before Christmas, Jefferson Ramsey receives a call that changes his life forever. His ex-fiancée tells him she’s dying and he has a five-year-old daughter. He must come to Florida right away, so the state can’t take Sarah away. Shortly after Jefferson arrives, his ex-fiancée dies, leaving a devastated and scared little girl. Can he raise Sarah and do it alone? Veronica Harrison is definitely not in the holiday mood…until she gets a call from the man in her life. Jefferson has returned from his mysterious trip and wants to discuss something important with her. The last thing she expects is a marriage proposal…and a child to go along with it. Would a sudden alliance be enough to create a family not only for Sarah, but for them as well? Dare she hope their friendship will blossom into a love that’s worth the risk? 

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