All I want for Christmas!

Jenna’s Christmas Wish

By: Debra Parmley

Pages: 120

Heat Level: 2 FLAMES


Reviewed By: Raven Queen

Jenna Heart is a romance writer at a conference. Low and behold she meets Nicolo Maldini. A cover model that she is lead to believe can have any woman he wants. Well Nicolo sets his sights on getting to know Jenna. Jenna has a little devil on her shoulder; her old critique partner Chyna. Chyna isn’t very nice and is constantly criticizing Jenna. Needless to say I don’t prefer Chyna. Too much hatefulness and negativity from her. Will Jenna get her ultimate Christmas Wish or have to listen to I’ll Be Home for Christmas all alone?

We all need Happily Ever Afters!


The Twelve Stitches of Christmas

By: Debra Parmley & Robert Arrow

Pages: 39

Heat Level: 2 FLAMES


Reviewed by: Raven Queen

This was a short novella. Even though it was after Christmas I really enjoyed it. Carolenna has just lost her mother and sent to live with Uncle Trad. Right off the bat I don’t like Uncle. Well the story goes on to prove why. LOL Uncle Trad reminds me of the Evil Step-Mother from Cinderella & Ursela from the Little Mermaid. Once you begin reading you will totally get my references. HEHE. Ardin is the knight or in my case a mix of Prince Charming & Prince Eric. I really like him and how he truly sees Carolenna who’s a mix of Cinderella & Ariel. A nice little story that makes you want a HEA. Only way to find out if Ardin & Carolenna get that is read the book. 😀