She knew she loved them but was still scared!


Bound and Teased  

By Marie Tuhart

Pages: 268

Heat Level: 5 Flames (Erotic Extreme)


Reviewed By: Ginny Pearson

Katie ran when she was 18 due to her feelings after being with Ry and Jed. She knew she loved them but was still scared. Her father had filled her head with ideas about them and promised her a better life in New York. When she finally comes back, she is ready to be with them. Ry and Jed are so happy when she returns. They want her with them. The biggest fear is how the town will react. When there is a confrontation with Katie, her ex and her father, they all find out how the town will react. What an amazing love story of 3 people who may want an unorthodox relationship but cannot be without each other. It is very beautiful.


Eight years ago, a naive Katie Crane ran from Ry and Jed, warned their brand of love would ruin her life. Now she’s all grown up and returning home with a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle. After the betrayal she’s faced at her father’s hands, she worries she won’t be strong enough to submit to the men she gave her heart and virginity to at eighteen. Jed Malloy and Ry McCade are surprised and thrilled by Katie’s return to Felton’s Creek. They’d been heartbroken after her departure and had turned to each other, embracing the BDSM lifestyle without her. Katie’s homecoming sparks hope and worry. Ry isn’t sure he can keep his dominant side under control, and Jed fears Katie will see him as less of a man by being a switch and Ry’s submissive. Having Katie back could mean the beginning of everything they’ve ever wanted or the end to the only family they’ve ever known.