b8ae554378991f927571bf3d9c12447eFalse Start

By: Marianne Rice

Pages: 224

Rating: 5 stars

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Reviewed by: Tasha Curtis


This is a fantastic book to read. You will not be able to put this book down. Sexy former NFL player turn High School coach meets new to town single principal what can go wrong?


From Day one of meeting each other, Connor McKay and Meg Fulton have gone head to head. She is making changes in his athletic program and he doesn’t like it. Meg is a tough cookie to break and Connor loves the challenge. After a business date that ended awkward, they get set up on a blind date. Conner begins to break down Meg’s walls to learn about her traumatic past. Meg’s past comes back to visit and leaves her running for the hills. Connor has to put the pieces together in order to save what he has with Meg if they plan for any future together.

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