Tensions rise & Loyalties are Tested!



Shore to Please

by Annette Mardis

Gulf Shore Book 3

Pages: 237

Heat Level: 3 FLAMES  (Erotic  Sensual)


Reviewed by: Charity Chimni


Flipper and Tara are on opposing sides of the dolphin captivity controversy. They just can’t seem to fight the growing attraction between them. Shore to please follows our favorites from the aquarium while they battle threats from extremists. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested. Full of action, suspense, mystery and passion.



Tara Langley is an animal rights activist protesting against Gulf Shore Aquarium keeping dolphins in captivity. Paul “Flipper” O’Riley is the aquarium’s head dolphin trainer. Fire and gasoline, right? So why are they both itching to light the match? Annette Mardis presents Shore To Please, the next chapter in her wonderfully entertaining romance series, Gulf Shore.

Tara Langley thought she’d found the love of her life, but he betrayed her with another woman. So she buried herself in her mission: convincing Gulf Shore Aquarium that dolphins and whales belong in the wild, not in artificial pools.

If Tara had her way, Paul “Flipper” O’Riley would lose the job he loves. Flipper is the head dolphin trainer, and the aquarium’s dolphins are his babies. While he’s open to having a real family one day, the last person he would choose to be his wife and the mother of his children would be Tara.

These two should be sworn enemies, after all. He certainly swears at the sight of her. And his surfer-dude looks and lover-boy reputation aren’t exactly what Ms. Prim and Tidy had in mind when she pictured her ideal man.

But in the age-old way of opposites attracting, Tara and Flipper find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. There’s no possible way a relationship between them could work, right?

Content Notes: Spicy, Non-Sexual Physical Assault, Contemporary, Suspense

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