Heartache, Humor and Love!


5e00a8d377dfe5606867a3ea168e3df4Friends Without Benefits

By: Marci Boudreaux

Pages: 328

Rating: 5 STARS

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Reviewed by: Tasha Curtis

What a heart breaking topic to read about. However this is something most everyone has dealt with or knows someone who has, Divorce. The characters are so real and the detail in the writing makes you jump right in with them.   This book offers heartache, humor and new found love.


The vision of your husband being caught having an affair is probably every women’s night mare. For Diane walking away from twenty years of marriage totally rocked her world. This is a story of Mitch and Dianne‘s divorce along with the women Mitch had an affair with, Michelle and Paul. In the course of going through the ups and downs of a divorce Diane gets a visit from Paul. He has asked her to testify at his divorce hearing on his behalf. This starts the path to a great friendship and who know what else it may bring?



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