Can love be found in betrayal?

1e7799ad22ed957ddd78e7a54a819349Lovin’ the Odds (Book 2 in the Gambling on Love series)

By: Vicky Burkholder

Pages: 67

Heat Level: 3 Flames (Erotic Sensual)


Reviewed By: Raven Queen

When I started reading the book. I was afraid I wasn’t going to like it. I’m not huge into the sci-fi romance books. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around other worlds. However, this book changed my outlook. I felt as though I was reading the book Riddick only with different characters. It felt all to real but with the awesome facts of Carter and Sabrina fighting for their lives on Ki Crystal Planet. That was a pretty awesome planet in all. It was so hot but underneath it all these crystals lay and are actually beautiful but deadly. That was a great twist. I loved how Sabrina could remember absolutely everything. I kind of want that power. Carter was sent to kill her but ended up protecting her for the man Tyler who put a bounty on her head.



Catch her, kill her, or kiss her? So many choices, so little time. But Carter Jamison has to decide one way or the other what to do about Sabrina Rutledge. Wounded, hunted, and stranded on a desert planet, they will need to put their distrust aside and work together to survive. It’s Carter Jamison’s job to catch Sabrina Rutledge and return her to her boss, dead or alive. What he hadn’t counted on was falling for her, again. She’d broken his heart once. Could he forgive her and save her? Or would he turn her over to the tyrant who owned her and walk away? When Sabrina sees who’s come after her, part of her is happy, another part is dismayed. He’d burned her once. Would he help her now? Or turn her in? Both Carter and Sabrina have been lied to, manipulated, and used. Trust is not something either one does easily. With assassins after them, injured and stranded in the middle of an alien desert, they will need to learn to trust each other as they once did in order to survive. But can they do so before nature and her boss take care of them both?

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