Aquatic Tales


The Shore Thing

By: Annette Mardis

Gulf Shore Book 1

Pages: 157

Rating: 5 stars

Heat Level: 3 Flames

Reviewed by: Tasha Curtis


This book is a well written book, that has a very relatable story line. The author did a fantastic job developing the characters and not rushing the story. Loved how the animals and the everyday running of the aquarium were incorporated into a great book!


The setting for this aquatic adventure takes place at the Gulf Shore Aquarium. Breathtaking employee Danielle “Dani” Davidson encounters the hot cameraman Evan Sanders in the shark tank and the adventures begin. Dani not trusting of an office romance, from being burnt at a prior job has no intentions of getting involved with Evan. Evan also coming off a destructive office romance and getting burned has sworn off the whole office romance thing. However, the two can’t fight their attraction or connection. They will take you on a great journey of friendships, ups, downs and everyday issues of life. Along the way you will meet some great animals that add to the love of The Shore.





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