Action and Romance, need I say more?

Captivated in Cancun med


Captivated in Cancun

By: KaLyn Cooper

Pages: 245

Heat Level: 3 FLAMES (Erotic Sensual)


Reviewed by: Kristin Arpin


This is the best novel in KaLyn Cooper’s Cancun series to date. I loved Lily Girard. She was spunky from the moment we met her in the first novel and she is even better as we get to know more about her in this one. A single parent after her ex cheated on her and left her for a younger version, Lily is not fragile doll. She is a butt kicking lawyer for her family’s company and she is not easy to push around. It is enjoyable to watch her take back her life after her ex and after the brief relationship she started at Christmas failed because he was still married and neglected to mention that. She is not sitting back and feeling sorry for herself. She wants the best for her boys but also for herself. This is a woman you want to root for. She is down but not out.

Then there is Josh. What isn’t to like about a career SEAL who retired and moved into Homeland Security. And he thinks a 5 mile swim is short? I can just picture him based on that alone. Given that all the boat captains and pilots in the area reported to him at one time or another, he is used to looking after people as if they were part of his family. Even though he knows Lily doesn’t need him to, given what she and her son Preston go through in this book, he can’t help himself. He has to take care of her too.

Their relationship is a given reading the elements that lead up to it. That is not a surprise. What is a surprise are all the interconnected plot lines and twists that keep you guessing which way the story will end. The suspense goes on throughout the story even when you think it is over. Character development and suspense are definitely a forte of this author. I love all her books but this one really grabbed me. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their SEALs romantic and their damsels strong with a suspenseful edge throughout.



In Cancun for a wedding is the perfect cover for Josh Madden, retired SEAL and the new Director of Anti-Terrorism at Homeland Security. Intel believes Mexican human traffickers are smuggling terrorists into the USA on cruise ships. What he really wants to uncover are the repressed desires of the groom’s sister.

The discoveries Lilly made about herself after her recent divorce solidified her resolve to never allow a man to mold her into the woman he wants her to be. Focused on raising her two young boys, launching her family’s fledgling cruise line and rebuilding her self-esteem, she’s tempted when her brother’s former boss offers to make her bedroom fantasies come true.

When their worlds collide, Lilly needs a super hero. Will Josh choose the mission over a woman in trouble?

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