A good love story!


To Live Again 

By: V.L. Edwards

Pages: 122

Heat Level: 4 Flames (Erotic Steamy)


Reviewed By: Karen Henderson

Very much enjoyed this read. The storyline was very interesting and I really loved the main characters. Always enjoy hot and interesting historical romance.


The reclusive Earl of Broadmoor exists for his son and grieves for his late wife. Vowing to never give his heart again, he prowls the streets of London when his needs can no longer be denied. When an enchanting young woman captures his eye—a woman he believes wise in ways to satisfy a man’s urges—he offers her a night of passion.  Amelia Harrington grows desperate when her landlady demands the rent or else. To keep food on the table and a place to live for her and her young siblings, she sells the only thing she has to offer…her innocence.  Broadmoor discovers she is not what he expects, but a virgin and a gentlewoman as well. His honor demands he wed her. Can the earl protect his heart and stay true to his late wife’s memory, while enjoying his new wife’s delectable charms? Can Amelia bring his walls crashing down, allowing him…to live again?


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