I want Candy!

Dirty White CandyThe Beginning 

by Anita Cox 

Dirty White Candy, Book 1

Pages: 184

Heat Level: 4 Flames (Erotic Steamy)


Reviewed By: Raven Queen

Dirty White Candy as the title says it all. Candy is a recent divorcee down on her luck but looking to spice things up. So her BFF gives her a personal shopper, sex therapist and a fresh start. There are laughs, awkward moments and above all lots and lots of sex. This is not a book for the faint at heart. Candy really comes out of her shell and explores all different types of sexual experiences that her ex husband never could fulfill. The book feels as though all of us have been in that type of situation until we find what works within our everyday lives. The book was a growing tool for Candy. I felt as though I grew with the character. I really connected with David. He was shy and worried everything he was doing was wrong. I liked how he developed throughout the story. He melted my heart. I got the hots for John though. He turned me on a lot. Especially how he took charge, fulfilled Candy’s fantasies and then was so sweet but sincere.



Watch what happens when a recently divorced and sexually repressed thirty-something woman transforms from vapid novice to bombshell maven in The Beginning. Going bravely where she’s never gone before, Candy Kavana is about to take the first steps towards her new life in Book 1 of Anita Cox’s intensely passionate and entertaining series, Dirty White Candy. Traded in for a younger, newer model by the only man she’s ever made love to, thirty-something Candy Kavana finds herself craving human interaction of the carnal nature. Shy and sexually repressed, Candy turns to her best friend, Stacy, for advice. And what advice it is! Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and what she discovers is more than mind-blowing sex. She discovers a side of herself she never dreamed existed. Now that she’s whet her whistle, she can’t get enough. Just how far is Candy willing to take her sexual exploration?

Content Notes: Intense, Light BDSM, Ménage, D/S Elements, Polyamory, Contemporary

Can love be found in betrayal?

1e7799ad22ed957ddd78e7a54a819349Lovin’ the Odds (Book 2 in the Gambling on Love series)

By: Vicky Burkholder

Pages: 67

Heat Level: 3 Flames (Erotic Sensual)


Reviewed By: Raven Queen

When I started reading the book. I was afraid I wasn’t going to like it. I’m not huge into the sci-fi romance books. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around other worlds. However, this book changed my outlook. I felt as though I was reading the book Riddick only with different characters. It felt all to real but with the awesome facts of Carter and Sabrina fighting for their lives on Ki Crystal Planet. That was a pretty awesome planet in all. It was so hot but underneath it all these crystals lay and are actually beautiful but deadly. That was a great twist. I loved how Sabrina could remember absolutely everything. I kind of want that power. Carter was sent to kill her but ended up protecting her for the man Tyler who put a bounty on her head.



Catch her, kill her, or kiss her? So many choices, so little time. But Carter Jamison has to decide one way or the other what to do about Sabrina Rutledge. Wounded, hunted, and stranded on a desert planet, they will need to put their distrust aside and work together to survive. It’s Carter Jamison’s job to catch Sabrina Rutledge and return her to her boss, dead or alive. What he hadn’t counted on was falling for her, again. She’d broken his heart once. Could he forgive her and save her? Or would he turn her over to the tyrant who owned her and walk away? When Sabrina sees who’s come after her, part of her is happy, another part is dismayed. He’d burned her once. Would he help her now? Or turn her in? Both Carter and Sabrina have been lied to, manipulated, and used. Trust is not something either one does easily. With assassins after them, injured and stranded in the middle of an alien desert, they will need to learn to trust each other as they once did in order to survive. But can they do so before nature and her boss take care of them both?

Heartache, Humor and Love!


5e00a8d377dfe5606867a3ea168e3df4Friends Without Benefits

By: Marci Boudreaux

Pages: 328

Rating: 5 STARS

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Reviewed by: Tasha Curtis

What a heart breaking topic to read about. However this is something most everyone has dealt with or knows someone who has, Divorce. The characters are so real and the detail in the writing makes you jump right in with them.   This book offers heartache, humor and new found love.


The vision of your husband being caught having an affair is probably every women’s night mare. For Diane walking away from twenty years of marriage totally rocked her world. This is a story of Mitch and Dianne‘s divorce along with the women Mitch had an affair with, Michelle and Paul. In the course of going through the ups and downs of a divorce Diane gets a visit from Paul. He has asked her to testify at his divorce hearing on his behalf. This starts the path to a great friendship and who know what else it may bring?



A good love story!


To Live Again 

By: V.L. Edwards

Pages: 122

Heat Level: 4 Flames (Erotic Steamy)


Reviewed By: Karen Henderson

Very much enjoyed this read. The storyline was very interesting and I really loved the main characters. Always enjoy hot and interesting historical romance.


The reclusive Earl of Broadmoor exists for his son and grieves for his late wife. Vowing to never give his heart again, he prowls the streets of London when his needs can no longer be denied. When an enchanting young woman captures his eye—a woman he believes wise in ways to satisfy a man’s urges—he offers her a night of passion.  Amelia Harrington grows desperate when her landlady demands the rent or else. To keep food on the table and a place to live for her and her young siblings, she sells the only thing she has to offer…her innocence.  Broadmoor discovers she is not what he expects, but a virgin and a gentlewoman as well. His honor demands he wed her. Can the earl protect his heart and stay true to his late wife’s memory, while enjoying his new wife’s delectable charms? Can Amelia bring his walls crashing down, allowing him…to live again?


Beautiful love story!


A Christmas Miracle  for Veronica 

By Vikki Vaught

Pages: 53

Heat Level: 1 Flame Sweet/Inspirational


Reviewed By: Karen Henderson

This a beautiful Christmas love story of a man, a woman and a little girl who all find new love one Christmas season to become a family.



Two weeks before Christmas, Jefferson Ramsey receives a call that changes his life forever. His ex-fiancée tells him she’s dying and he has a five-year-old daughter. He must come to Florida right away, so the state can’t take Sarah away. Shortly after Jefferson arrives, his ex-fiancée dies, leaving a devastated and scared little girl. Can he raise Sarah and do it alone? Veronica Harrison is definitely not in the holiday mood…until she gets a call from the man in her life. Jefferson has returned from his mysterious trip and wants to discuss something important with her. The last thing she expects is a marriage proposal…and a child to go along with it. Would a sudden alliance be enough to create a family not only for Sarah, but for them as well? Dare she hope their friendship will blossom into a love that’s worth the risk?