Surprises often come in small packages!


A Christmas Miracle for Veronica 

By: Vikki Vaught

Pages: 53

Heat Level: 1 FLAME Sweet/Inspirational

Rating: 5 STARS

Reviewed By: Raven Queen

This is a novella. Great for the holiday season when we all need a little Christmas cheer to brighten the holiday hustle and bustle.

To start off with this book was a fast passed and page turner. Jefferson and Veronica are causally dating . When Jefferson has to fly out of town to handle old business from someone in his past. It leaves Veronica vulnerable to what could he possibly be hiding. Little did she know that the “surprise” was not just a shock to him but something that could either tear them apart or bind them for life. They both have to learn to grow together in “A Christmas Miracle for Veronica.”

Two weeks before Christmas, Jefferson Ramsey receives a call that changes his life forever. His ex-fiancée tells him she’s dying and he has a five-year-old daughter. He must come to Florida right away, so the state can’t take Sarah away. Shortly after Jefferson arrives, his ex-fiancée dies, leaving a devastated and scared little girl. Can he raise Sarah and do it alone?

Veronica Harrison is definitely not in the holiday mood…until she gets a call from the man in her life. Jefferson has returned from his mysterious trip and wants to discuss something important with her. The last thing she expects is a marriage proposal…and a child to go along with it.

Would a sudden alliance be enough to create a family not only for Sarah, but for them as well? Dare she hope their friendship will blossom into a love that’s worth the risk?

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