Complicated but Hopeful Romance!


By: Shevaun DeLucia

Pages: 423

Heat Level: 4 FLAMES (Erotic Steamy)

Rating: 5 STARS

Reviewed By: Raven Queen


Kyle Saunders is nothing more than a playboy. He is 24 years old and in his prime. Well, in walks Maxine “Max” Daniels. A 33 year old business woman. She is getting away from her South Carolina roots and sparks begin to fly between her & Kyle. They decide to have the friends with benefits relationship since they work together. Can this lead to more? Will it get messy? Not to mention they both have “stalkers” following them around. Only time will tell in this “complicated” but “hopeful” love story called “Jayded.”

From the beginning I really bonded with Max. She knew exactly what she wanted and built her business from the ground up. A merger with a larger company was a great opportunity. Plus, she gets to move to Rochester, New York. A long ways away from her South Carolina upbringing. Max has secrets as all women do. Things she isn’t willing to let anyone in to see. That is until she meets Kyle. Things she begins to tell come a little more easy for her as time passes between them. But, she has a big issue with his age. Will Max let Kyle’s age hinder her happiness or will she say the (H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS) with it?

Kyle is always out to prove himself to his Dad & older brother Junior. Kyle’s mom sees how hard he works but the other family members think of him as a screw up. Doesn’t matter that he graduated with a Bachelors & went on for a Masters Degree. He will always be a “self entitled” kid to Dad and a “spoiled brat” to big brother. Junior has his issues with Kyle and is always butting his nose in where is doesn’t belong. His dad seems to always feel the need to micromanage everything. I kind of giggled at some of the conversations or squabbles they got into. LOL Kyle doesn’t care about age when it comes to Max. What he wants is her honesty & why she runs away from things. Can she tell the truth or risk losing him forever?

Kinsey is Max’s assistant and old college roommate. This girl I get a complete kick out of. She reminds me of a older version of Kinsey from Lost Girl. She is as straight laced as they come and has no problem tearing people a new ***hole. She would do anything for Max.


Maxine Daniels was made an offer that she couldn’t refuse. She couldn’t think of a better time—after breaking things off with her fiancé—to change cities and merge her company with Saunders Literary Agency. At thirty-three, she isn’t getting any younger, so it’s time to start fresh and leave her past behind. What she doesn’t anticipate is the diversion that lies ahead. Kyle Saunders is a catastrophic tsunami that enters her life and consumes her world in just a matter of minutes. Everything about him is telling her no, but her heart and the heat between her legs is screaming yes. He was never a factor in her divine plan—nor was she in his. Kyle is the cliché bachelor; he is a twenty-four-year-old charismatic chick magnet who refuses to settle down. He’s dead set on living the carefree single life—that is—until Max comes strolling in. Then all his ridiculous rules fall to the wayside. Who knew that just one hello could alter their lives forever?

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