Welcome to R3Reviews

Welcome to R3Reviews. I am so happy that you’re stopping by. Please feel free to look around. I plan on adding things daily. In the meantime, check out the featured books and I would love for you to join the R3 Awesome Authors or R3 Readers. Whichever you choose. or both, as we all know authors are avid readers too!

Our goal in R3Reviews is to offer review books to readers who agree to write reviews. I learned a long time ago that reviews are so important to authors. It personally lets them know when someone enjoys the book and cares enough to write a review of it.

My first review was just of the blurb. I didn’t really know what to write at the time. After reading more and more I began highlighting on my kindle my favorite lines. I then began adding that to my review. I soon learned authors loved hearing what quotes or sentences that I was highlighting. I learned as time went on that reading slower to absorb it all in was the way to go for me. If my kindle could accept post-it notes that is what I would add or stickers. LOL We are all made up of different characters in books. We find our favorite things about each book we read and incorporate those things into everyday life. Its a way to escape and live throughout different worlds. The first time that I picked up a book I fell in love with reading. My first book was Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke. I couldn’t put it down. My life changed forever after that.

My love for books has grown over the years and this is blog and R3Reviews was born. I couldn’t be happier with the direction that this new venture is headed. I hope that you will begin this journey with me and find great authors to read and review.